Óðinshof ~ First Hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly
8408 La Porte Road, Brownsville, CA, 95919
6/11 10am to 6/13 12pm Pacific
Write to Gythia Sheila McNallen with your questions: sheila@runestone.org

Join us as we celebrate the glowing achievements of the AFA at this glorious Midsummer gathering. Come change your life!

June, what a majestic time of year! This is our annual AFA family reunion, started fourteen years ago in the high Sierra Nevada. Last year, over 140 people attended Midsummer at Óðinshof, and yet there was a familiarity about it.

The comfort and relaxation throughout the weekend will feel like being “with family.” You’ll find yourself having casual chats with some of the icons of Asatru. It makes for an amazing experience — and it will change your life!

We promise you an abundance of spiritual Might and well-being through rituals to our Gods and our Ancestors. In preparation for these rituals, we encourage people to dress up in their nicer clothes to show respect to our Gods. We often have “rites of passage” ceremonies such as baby-namings and weddings. Reach out to one of our Gothar if you’d like to discuss a special ceremony at Midsummer.

Gather around for inspirational talks, craft demonstrations, storytelling, and songs around the fire. There will be time for the Women to weave their own frith, while the Men chart their course in this challenging world. We’ll have crafts and story-time for our children, and activities like Viking Games with feats of strength and endurance for all who like a challenge.

Vendors are invited to bring merchandise to sell. Let us know in advance if you need table space. There is no charge, but we do ask for a contribution to our auction. The auction helps fund our major hof-projects. Last year we bought land; this year we need a generator.

The parcel of new land has been transformed into our camping area and allows for more seclusion and shade. We have hot-showers on-site and will bring in extra portable toilets and hand-washing stations. If you can, please provide your own camping gear, and don’t forget flashlights! We have some tents and sleeping bags for those who fly in. Notify us if you intend to bring a trailer or RV, and plan to be there by noon on Friday so we can guarantee space.

All meals and snacks are provided. We will try to accommodate special dietary needs. You are welcome to bring special food items and your own beverages, but we have very limited refrigerator space so coolers with ice are recommended.

Volunteer teams, such as kindreds, can sign up for specific meal prep and clean-up. Everyone who attends, from the young kids to the oldsters, is asked to volunteer at some point to make the weekend go smoothly.

The town of Brownsville has a well-stocked store, the Golden Eagle Market. There is also a new Dollar General so we can add to provisions as needed.

This private event is for AFA members and trusted guests only. Details will NOT be posted on any public social media site. An event schedule will be sent out a few days prior to Midsummer, along with last-minute reminders.